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This Lent in Uplyme Church will be following a teaching programme called 40 Acts. Each week in church we will be looking at an aspect of Jesus’ generosity from John’s gospel and applying it to ourselves. We will also be joining with thousands of others who have signed up to ‘40 Acts’ on-line. Each day of Lent a challenge will be issued via email to do one small thing to benefit others, such as giving the money we intended to spend on chocolate to a charity, or turning off the TV and spending our viewing time with a friend.

Please visit, sign up to receive these email challenges, and connect with other participants via social media. In 2014 over 46,000 people undertook 1.8 million acts of generosity in more than 180 countries worldwide.

Let’s see how generous we can be this Lent as we seek to care for one another in our community.