This sunday

This Sunday is kicking off our series on children in the bible. This series are all age worships for the morning (10am) worship. This Sunday’s theme is “Joseph’s dream of prominence.” The reading is Genesis 37:2-11; 41:37-44. The evening worship is a more peaceful and reflective worship, with the same theme and a reading

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Sunday 27th July

This week the morning (10am) worship is all age. The theme is Baptism, as we welcome Emily Anderson into the church family. There will be a reading of John 3:1-16 by Shuna George. This is our last week with Shuna and after the morning worship we will be celebrating her time with us and wishing

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20th July

This Sunday Uplyme Church will not be holding a morning worship. We will be out supporting the fantastic runners taking part in Mrs E’s Big Wheeze! To which we invite all of you to come and join us. We will be holding our usual evening worship at 6pm with the very apt theme of Priorities.

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