Easter 2016

This Sunday we celebrate Easter Sunday. There will be readings from Acts 10:34-43 and Luke 24: 1-12. Communion will be held during morning worship. Junior Church is not on this week. The evening worship is a more peaceful and reflective worship, with the same theme and reading, starting at 6pm.

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Sunday 13 March

This Sunday the theme is Ten Commandments : 7 You Must not Commit Adultery. The reading is Exodus 20:12 and 2 Samuel 11: 1-5. Junior Church is on this week. The children meet at Mrs Ethelstons from 9:50am and the leaders will bring them back to the church. The evening worship is a more peaceful

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Electoral Roll

It’s our annual revision of the electoral roll. If you would like to join the church electoral roll a form can be collected from the church office. For more information visit the Contact us page and call/email the church office.

Mothers Day

This Sunday we will be celebrating Mother’s Day, with communion being held during morning worship, starting at 10am. Evening Worship is a more traditional and reflective service starting at 6pm.

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