Evening Worship

At 6pm the worship is more reflective, using seasonal material.

Our Evening Worship follows the rhythm of the Christian year, with its rich tapestry of themes and images. It is a more meditative and contemplative time of prayer and praise.

Whilst the liturgy is participatory through the use of congregational prayers, responses and hymns, there are also times of silence for personal reflection and prayer. These precious times of quiet help us both to speak and to listen to God.

It is our hope and prayer that through this worship, you will meet with God and he will meet with you.

The order for Evening Worship:

Greeting – Opening sentence, responses

Penitence – Prayer of preparation, confession, absolution, collect

The Word – Psalm, bible reading, address, creed

Prayers – Silent intercessions, closing prayer, Lord’s Prayer

Dismissal – Canticle, prayer, blessing

The Agape Meal may also be included, when bread and wine are shared with one other as signs of our unity and fellowship in Christ.

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