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The Water and Sanitation (Boreholes) project proposes to provide clean, quality water for household and agricultural use for communities in the Choma and Kalomo districts in Zambia’s southern province. Water accessibility and hygiene are key concerns for those living in this region.


This new project hopes to provide boreholes for communities in rural Zambia where people walk miles and queue for hours to collect water. It aims to encourage hygiene, the growth of small agricultural plots and enable children to attend school.

Prayer points

  • That existing boreholes would not be overused.
  • That this project would grow, while saving and improving many lives.
  • That Zambians and supporters in the UK would be envisioned to support and work alongside this project.

Key Activities

  • Providing boreholes Four communities in the Choma and Kalomo districts will benefit from five boreholes.
  • Improving sanitation Particularly by training, the promotion of health and hygiene practices and pit latrine construction.

Project Impact

  • The project will provide enough quality water for 1,800 people in four communities and manage sanitation effectively.
  • It will reduce time and distances spent looking for water and incidences of water-borne diseases like dysentery.
  • It will allow more girls to attend school, and reduce the distance boys travel to lead animals to water.
  • Local volunteers will improve health and hygiene practices.
  • Children and those living with HIV will particularly benefit from the cultivation of vegetables and medicinal plants in gardens near watering holes.

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