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st petrocksOn October 5th we will be holding a Harvest Worship. This year we are collecting items for St Petrock’s Exeter, helping to feed those without a home. Donations can be left in the chancel. Thank you all for your support and sharing your gifts with those in need this harvest.

A Guide of Most Wanted Items:

Instant coffee, Sugar (white, granulated), Instant hot chocolate, Orange squash, UHT / Longlife milk (with at least 5 months’ shelf-life)

Cereals, Porridge oats

Tinned tomatoes, Tinned potatoes, Tinned vegetables, Tinned fruit, Tinned corned beef, Tinned ham

Oxo cubes, Gravy granules, Brown / tomato sauce, Pasta sauces, Curry sauces, White pepper, Plain / self-raising flour, Cooking oil, Custard powder

Rice pudding, Evaporated milk, Golden syrup, Honey, Jam, Marmite

 Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Shampoo, Shower gel, Roll-on deodorants, Disposable razors, Shaving foam, Feminine hygiene products

Washing up liquid, Scouring pads, Washing powder, Kitchen anti-bac spray, Anti-bac handwash

In addition to the above (mainly food) items they St Petrock’s would also be very grateful for:

Sleeping bags, Sturdy rucksacks, Thermos Flasks, Dog leads

Underwear, Socks, Jeans (particularly men’s jeans with smaller waist sizes), Sturdy outdoor shoes/boots (particularly men’s)

Please note: We can only accept small quantities of fresh vegetables / fruit for storage reasons and cannot accept windfall apples.