Pastoral Care

Something that the local church has always done and will continue to do is pastoral care – both in the church community and in the wider community.

Church Community

The way pastoral care works in the church is through our network of small groups.  Some of these groups are prayer groups, others are Bible Study groups and others are missional in their outlook – i.e. they seek to bless the wider community in some way.  Each small group is under the leadership of two leaders.  If you would like to join a small group or are a member of Uplyme Church and need help, please contact the church office on 01297 444499 or via our contact form.

Wider Community

We seek to look out for the lonely, bereaved, sick, elderly and housebound in our community.  We have a visiting team of trained pastoral carers who visit people in the community.  We also hold a monthly coffee morning at The Old Black Dog for people to get together for a chat and some spiritual input.  If you would like a visit or know someone who would like a visit then please contact Martin Wells on 01297 444289.

Policy and Guidance

The Safeguarding Officer for vulnerable adults for Uplyme Church is Jo Clarke.  Jo can be contacted on 01297 444499 or via the contact form.

The safeguarding policy document for the diocese of Exeter is called Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults and is based on the Church of England documents Promoting a Safe Church and Protecting all God’s Children.

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