Welcome to the website of Uplyme Church.  We hope you find what you’re looking for!

A church isn’t a website, no matter how flashy or informative.  No, a church is a group of ordinary people from all backgrounds and walks of life who have chosen to follow Jesus.  In Uplyme we are doing our best to love and serve our local community and the wider world.  This is the mission of God and this is why our strapline is joining in with the mission of God.

“Church is a group of ordinary people, from all backgrounds and walks of life, who have chosen to follow Jesus”

Who are we and why do we exist?

When people think of church all sorts of images pop into their heads – boring, irrelevant, old, out-dated, deadly, and so on.  Well, yes, sometimes church services can be those things.  We hope that when we get together that we are never boring or irrelevant!  That is why we call our gatherings worship and not services.  But the church isn’t just about worship on Sundays, far from it.  We are church who are called to be outward-looking, to serve or bless our local community.  We happen to gather for worship, encouragement, and a good chat.

The Mission of Uplyme Church

We have five areas of mission – or five ways in which we seek to bless the local community and the wider church.  These are:

  1. Families
  2. Schools
  3. Pastoral Care
  4. The Poor
  5. Other Churches

Everything we do hangs off these five areas of mission – our worship, the development of our building, our small groups, our prayer life, and so on.

But aren’t evangelicals wacky?

Ha ha, well, let’s face it, some are.  It might be worth unpacking a bit of what evangelical means.  The word evangelical has had a bad press recently.  Some people connect it with the word evangelism and for others they connect it with fundamentalism and George Bush.  The word evangelical simply means Bible-based.  We are what is called an open evangelical church (or perhaps even progressive evangelical).  This means that we love the Bible and think that it is the inspired word of God – but we don’t take it literally.  We are certainly not fundamentalists.  We think the Bible needs to be understood in context.  For example, we don’t think that women should have their heads covered and remain silent in worship!   At all our worship we do a talk based around the Bible – unpacking a theme or topic, applying it and making it relevant for today.

Did you know that you can belong to one or more congregation?

We understand that everyone encounters Jesus and expresses themselves differently.  To this end we are one church but with multiple congregations.  Some of the congregations meet on a Sunday and others during the week.  Some meet in the church building, others in the pub, the Scout Hut or The Village Hall.  Each congregation seeks to bless the wider community in some way and supports one or more of the five mission areas of the whole church.

Did you know that you can belong to one or more small group?

Across the multiple congregations – and even across the different churches in the local area – you can belong to one or more small groups.  These small groups are where we look out for each other, support and encourage each other, learn together and engage in the mission of God.

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